juventus championship

juventus championship

Juventus won their 36th title in the 2019/2020 Serie A season after beating Sampdoria 2-0 on 26 July 2020. This is the 9th title in a row they have won, an achievement that is unprecedented in history Italian Serie A.

Even though this season was unlike previous ones which were marked by the rivalry between Juventus and AC Milan or Inter Milan, Juventus managed to secure their title much quicker than expected. They beat Lazio, their closest team in the table, by 8 points at the end of the season.

The individual performances of some of the Juventus players are also noteworthy. Cristiano Ronaldo continues to establish himself as one of the best players in the world by scoring 31 goals in Serie A last season, and won the Capocannoniere (top scorer) title for the third time in his career.

Apart from Ronaldo, another brilliant performance came from Paulo Dybala, who appeared impressive throughout the season by scoring 11 goals and providing 11 assists. Juventus defender, Matthijs de Ligt, also showed his quality by appearing solid at the back.

Juventus are now in the process of rebuilding their team after a less successful season in the 2020/2021 Serie A season. They have a new coach this season, Massimiliano Allegri, who returns to Juventus after previously leading the team from 2014 to 2019.

Allegri is expected to bring the team back to winning ways, and face stiff competition from teams such as Inter Milan and AC Milan who have appeared strong this season.

With a strong squad and the experience of veteran players such as Ronaldo and Giorgio Chiellini, Juventus remains one of the best teams in Italy and Europe. Undoubtedly, this team will continue to fight for more titles in the future.

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